Making Art From Breaking-up


Making Art from Breaking-up

10 illustrations telling stories about break-ups and revenge on ex-lovers. This project transforms the destructive power of failed love into the power of creation. It helps to leave all negative emotions in the past, and find new pursuits. All illustrations are based on real stories. The content reflects the different emotions these people experienced when they were in love and after the relationship. The main intention of the project is to analyze how break-ups change lives and personalities.

“Each breaking-up story is painful. But there are more honourable occupations than wasting time in suffering. Expressing negative emotions helps leave them in the past. A sad ending is the next happy beginning.” – Irina Gliudza

The project was firstly presented on May 2013 at the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival in Chaumont, section “Les-ecoles au travail” (France).

“Making Art from Breaking-up” was a part of a collective exhibition of Fabrica residents dedicated to their visions of LOVE. “Feel the Love” took place at Villa Giovannina (Carità di Villorba, Italy).

Agency Fabrica, Visual
Communication department
Creative director Omar Vulpinari
Graphic designer, illustrator Irina Gliudza
Digital support Matteo Pellizzari